Seasonal Transitions


As we march through October, we’re all aware of the changes nature is creating around us. And we all have a pretty good idea of what comes next! How do we take the example nature is giving to us and mirror that in our own lives?

This is a time to slow down, shift more awareness inside and begin to soften and release the energy of summer. By changing diet, going for longer walks and paying more attention to the cues from our bodies transition can be healing and energizing.

As the seasons shift, so does the energy of our bodies. Massage bodywork is a wonderful way to peel off the imprints of summer and soften to nature’s call of slowing down and going within.

Give yourself time to relax and receive a massage. It can be enlightening as well as healing. We never know until we are touched what the various parts of our body are experiencing. The adage, the squeaky wheel gets attention, is particularly true when it comes to experiencing our bodies. Our nervous system is designed to focus on the squeaky wheel leaving the rest of our body pretty much out of our conscious awareness. Massage brings in awareness. Schedule your appointment now!

Massage increases awareness, yet to really understand the cues your body is giving a practice of yoga, breath, and meditation is optimal. Many think the body is limited to the physical vehicle. That’s only the beginning! You also have a mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body. These other bodies directly effect and communicate with the physical body simultaneously!!!

A consistent yoga practice will increase your understanding of your body’s inherent wisdom. That’s why I’m offering small private yoga classes in my home studio.

Beginning on Saturday, October 22 two classes will be available at 10:30 and 3:30, each for 90 minutes. Classes are limited to 5 people. All levels are welcome. What you can expect in a class: exploring detail in postures, learning breathing techniques, and practicing meditation within a small group. During the class I will guide, adjust, and encourage you. You will receive individual attention and direction from me to improve and deepen your yoga. Introductory offer: 4 consecutive weeks $120. Contact me to join the class or to schedule a massage.