Massage Therapy


I wanted to share my experience following my massage/ body work with you. As you know, my body has been in an inflammatory state for several months. My muscles were sore and my joints very achy. I woke up several times a night and didn’t get restful sleep. In the morning, feeling sluggish, I had no energy and felt tired all day. My doctor told me to take 800mg of ibuprofen daily for pain, which I did, but this wasn’t the answer – taking ibuprofen daily isn’t good for the liver and after researching the side effects, I decided to stop taking it as much as possible. But I was still in pain and inflamed.

After my massage, you advised me to make specific dietary changes and to use particular natural remedies to address my issues. Within a week of making changes, I was sleeping better. I didn’t wake up during the night. For the first time in months, I woke in the morning feeling rested and rejuvenated. I actually had energy! My body didn’t ache like it had in the past. I wasn’t as stiff upon waking either. Amazing. Just a simple change like that has impacted my health and thinking so much. I feel clearer and able to do more, and my energy lasts throughout the day.

These experiences have encouraged me to keep making changes for my health. I feel the biggest challenge is just trying to notice how my body feels after I eat or drink anything, to be aware of how my body responds to what I put in it – and you taught me to do that.  It’s all just so connected, more than I ever thought. I want to thank you for caring and for all that you do. You really are an inspiration to me.


Why do I bother? I usually leave spas disappointed because of the massages that I’ve received from Michelle over the years. She’s that good.

Michelle, Thanks again for another massage well done! I had physical therapy the morning after my massage with you.  I told my physical therapist that I had seen you, and when he started the therapy he commented on how loose and good the area was!  I told him more about you and your work, and he wanted your business card so that he could refer other patients to you.


Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to let you know that you helped me SO much last week.  Two days after I saw you, I was able to walk pain-free, and then I got back to running last weekend!  Also, you helped me realize more of the actual root of the problem.  So, thank you!  I‘m going to try to see you ‘preventatively’ more often to try to stay healthy! Thanks again and I’ll be in touch.
– DC, PT, DPT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Outpatient Physical Therapy


Michelle is always real; she pays due respect to breathing, she helps me feel, stretch and breathe into places in my back that no other instructor has ever done. No other instructor helps me activate my core like Michelle. She is one of the three truly great teachers in my life! – LJ, BPS teacher and ballerina

I like the thoughtful and mindful pace of the class.  Unlike some yoga classes that feel more rushed and solely focused on exercise, Michelle’s class takes a more holistic approach, which I appreciate.  -SC

Michelle’s professionalism and wide deep knowledge of yoga, and her clarity and carefulness in guiding students into postures really make the yoga class.  -CM

Michelle pushes my limits in an enriching way.  She is a hands on instructor, concise in her instructions and helpful.  -AA

Yoga is an important part of my health & wellbeing, Michelle is the best teacher I’ve had in my practice.  -HK

Michelle explains everything well.  I love that she assists and corrects poses. -WA

Love Michelle’s energy and positivity, loved when she said “surrender to the heart space.” -AD

I need the detailed instruction for poses and reminders of core positioning that Michelle gives us in class. – SC

I enjoy Michelle’s truth, strength, and humor in yoga class. -BJ

Very descriptive with regard to “how to” and anatomy and body alignment.  I love good, precise instruction.  This is important to me to derive the most effectiveness from the practice.  -GB

Michelle’s classes bring me to a level no other yoga classes approach, both physically and spiritually – they are transformative. – BC

Michelle makes me feel good about myself with her positive energy and motivating comments.  -KJ

Michelle is funny! Too many yoga classes are too serious. -JJ

Michelle knows my ability and my limits…she finds the challenge point. -LL


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