Therapeutic Services

Services can be combined and special packages are available.

Massage Therapy addresses physical, mental, and emotional issues that impact the muscles, fascia, organs, and bones. Michelle specializes in Sports massage; Injury therapy; Prenatal massage; Stress-reduction and relaxation massage therapy; massage therapy that addresses TMJ; headaches; and digestive orders.

Injury and sports massage therapy is targeted to address the areas of concern.  Michelle is trained in lower back, neck, and shoulder injury work as well as pre and post-event therapy for athletes.

Michelle constructs a treatment plan specific to each client’s needs, lifestyle, and goals.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a form of massage combined with energy work that is beneficial for anyone suffering from PTSD and/or trauma from accidents or abuse.   Treatment is applied to the occipital ridge to induce a state of deep relaxation and release. Full treatment involves the application of light pressure and manipulation of cranial and sacrum bones, and often includes work in the oral cavity.

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy work beneficial for anyone undergoing cancer therapy; in preparation for surgery; or experiencing high levels of stress. It relaxes while clearing the auric field and replenishing vital life force energy.

Shamanic Energy Work is a system of healing that invokes archetypal energies for clearing of the auric field, reconnection to soul parts, and healing of psychological and emotional issues.

Hermetic Energy Work is a system of healing that involves meditation, ritual, talismans, and invocation of archetypal energies to rebalance the auric field and connect a person to their spiritual resources.

Meditation combines breath awareness and body relaxation to still the mind, center the spirit, promote internal peace, and increase life force energy.  Michelle teaches meditation in small groups, sometimes as part of yoga classes, and one-on-one.

Yoga helps people achieve a balanced, healthy and vibrant life. Michelle is a professional Kripalu yoga teacher with 15 years of experience teaching on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  She currently teaches at the Salem and Marblehead YMCAs, Green Tea Yoga Studio in Salem, in private small groups and one-on-one with clients in her studio.  Michelle’s knowledge of anatomy, yoga postures, philosophy, breathing techniques, and meditation help her students experience a deeper understanding of themselves, with tools they can use to create physical health and a life of bliss.

Workshops Michelle has taught numerous yoga workshops, meditation workshops, shamanic workshops and even basic massage workshops.  Yoga workshops provide students with a deeper level of knowledge and experience than what you’d receive out of a 75 minute class.  Meditation workshops give students a broader experience of various meditation techniques and their application in life.  Shamanic workshops give students tools to help create positive change needed in their lives.


60 minute massage $100.00

90 minute massage $130.00

30 minute massage $60.00 (usually for injury work or chronic pain)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy $125

Reiki Treatment $75

Shamanic or Hermetic Energy Work $125

Personal one-on-one yoga, meditation, and healing instruction is available and priced upon request.

Private yoga,  meditation, and shamanic classes for businesses, corporations, events, and individuals are priced upon request.

Contact Michelle.


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